Nordic walking poles, aluminium including wrist straps with Click & Go System.


Product – 1 pair of aluminium walking sticks (size is not adjustable) including two pair of walking feet.

Nordic walking is the latest trend in all things sports and fitness. With walking sticks, you can also work your upper body while walking and thus have a perfect total body workout.

Training effects/success – through the movement is a large part of the muscles in the body trains without the joints too it down. Improve their endurance, strength and coordination fresh air together with family and friends.

Product features: walking sticks are made of aluminium and are therefore they are lightweight and resistant at the same time. There are two pairs of walking feet that can be exchanged for better grip, depending on the landscape.

Approved quality – our products are regularly for tests of quality and functionality. –



Nordic walking poles aluminiumAluminium. The Nordic walking poles are made of aluminium, which keeps the poles flexible and resistant even under load. Due to the modern technology in Active Twin Technology (ATT) manufacturing process, the walking stick is light and has excellent stiffness. Also still very good levels of comfort. The perfect swing behaviour convinces not only beginners, but also for endurance sport enthusiasts. Natural cork handle The natural cork handle ensures that the stick will be comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand and sweat sit perfectly absorbed. By one touch click system the hand loops quickly away from the pole can be detached and reattached. The link ensures optimal power transmission. Nordic walking app. – In the Nordic Walking App by POWRX you will learn all you need to know about this sport. Such as the best technology possible exercises for muscle strengthening with video guide and training plans. In addition, the app offers all the benefits of a fitness app. Tracking the track, display of the run distance by GPS and your personal calorie consumption. The app (English language not guaranteed) is available for both IOS and Android devices. The built-in journal saves the tracked routes, so you always have an overview of your personal successes. Ideal stick length: body size in cm x 0.68 cm = stick length – – – – – – -Let´s walk.


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