Pull up Assist Bands – Power Resistance Bands for Weight Training, Crossfit, Mobility – Light Medium Heavy Powerlifting Bands for Warm up, Stretching, Fitness


About this item

MULTI USE BANDS Our bands are multi-purpose and ideal for use for Pull-ups, Powerlifting, Gymnastics, Crossfit, Boxing, Bench Press & Pushups. Also the perfect band for Shoulder,Thigh, Hip & Leg Mobility and Stretching. Toning & Physio work.

7 DIFFERENT BAND LEVELS: You choose your preferred band tension. Each colour corresponds to a certain amount of resistance. Our resistance flex bands range from Yellow (lightest) to Orange (Heaviest). See our Description below for a detailed breakdown of each band.

PREMIUM QUALITY: Our Bands are premium quality made from 100% latex. Designed and tested to be long lasting and durable and safe.

BANDS SOLD SEPARATELY: Choose your preferred resistance level. More than one Band can be used at the same time to create a combination of resistance levels and allow you to perform a wide variety of exercises. Select the colour and add each band to your basket.

YOUR PACKAGE: Each band comes with a total body resistance band workout chart. You will also receive your complete resistance band exercise guide by email shortly after purchase. This guide will detail over 50 exercises that will allow you to use your bands for a full body workout at home or at the gym.



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